Silk Mini Brochure (400gsm)

Our Mini Brochures with 6 printed pages offer plenty of workspace for advertising your products/services in a handy pocket sized package.

Fold your Mini Brochure to business card size using the 2 machine creases and interlocking tab.

Need a laminate? Please note lamination is recommended on designs where ink coverage is required on the creases to prevent the print cracking when folded.

Choose from matt, gloss or soft touch laminate below.


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Product Options:

Mini Brochure (6pp business cards) printed CMYK throughout on 400gsm Silk including 2 creases and interlocking tab.

Flat size 262x55mm folded and closed using CAD-Cut interlocking tab to 88x55mm (supplied flat).

Artwork requirements

Internal page size 86x55mm to fit inside 88x55mm panels, see 'Cutter Guides' tab or 'Standard Cutters' selector above to download a PDF outline.

Please supply press ready artwork, ideally in PDF format set CMYK with 3mm of bleed on all edges and off-set crop marks applied.

Where possible please ensure artwork is centred without colour bars or file information applied, these are not required and often result in files being positioned incorrectly when using our imposition software.

Please note due to registration and cutting tolerances we advise all elements of your design which aren’t intended to bleed off, should be set a minimum of 5mm from all edges to avoid any issues.

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100 £67.00 1-10+
150 £79.00 1-10+
200 £94.00 1-10+
250 £110.00 1-10+

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