We can apply foil to all of our products, flat foil, textured foil, deboss with foil, emboss with foil or multi level, your options are endless.

What ever your project whether it be Luxury Colorplan business cards with de-bossed lettering or a Wedding Invitation Aubergine Print has a Foil option for you, Scroll down for info and images!

We have 100's of foil colours to choose from with a great range of finishes including..

Add light and movement to your designs by incorporating textured micro etched patterns into your foil Dies.
Using this viable alternative to special foils our fine line patterns combined with metallic foils add real impact and definition to your images.
Enhance your print and create added value to your brand and product.
This exciting process offers both decorative and security solutions for many projects.


Types of Finish

Foil Group




The metallised effect in metallic foils is created by the vacuum metallisation of aluminium. The colour is added to the lacquer where specific dyes are used to achieve its metallic colour. Metallic foils have a mirror-like appearance.



Satin foils are created in the same way that metallic foils are created. However, within the lacquer, there are dyes to refract less light so that it does not have the mirror-like appearance of metallic foils.



Sheen foils are created in the same way as satin foils but Sheen foils have a more matt and luxurious powdery finish compared to Satins. Sheen foils are manufactured on a matt polyester carrier.

Gloss Pigment


Gloss pigment foils are solid colours produced by adding and mixing various coloured ink pigments. The gloss level is obtained by incorporating a clear gloss lacquer layer over the coloured pigment layer.



Florescent foils are produced in the same way as gloss pigments but a florescent pigment is used to create a bright gloss finish.

Matt Pigment


Matt pigment foils are produced in the same way as gloss pigments but without the addition of a lacquer coating.

Gloss Clear


Gloss transparent foils are created using an ultra-clear lacquer with high brilliance to provide a foil to replicate spot UV or to add gloss highlights (areas) when used in conjunction with coloured inks or substrates.

Matt Clear


Matt transparent foils are created in the same way as gloss transparent but a small amount of matt agent is added to reduce the gloss level. Matt transparent foils are transparent with a matt finish.



Pearlescent foils are semi-translucent with a pearlised finish. The foil contains pearlescent material to give the pearlescent effect and a tint is added to the pearlescent effect to give colours. Please note foiling with pearl foils will change the appearance of the transferred foil, depending on the darkness of the substrate beneath it.


Holo & Specials

Holographic foils are made in the same way as metallic foils but include an embossed pattern that diffracts the light and shows the colours of the spectrum at different angles. There are many patterns and colours within the Holographic range. Bespoke patterns can also be manufactured.

Metal Effect

Holo & Specials

Metal effect foils are made in a similar way to holographic foils however, within the lacquer there are dyes to prevent the refraction of light giving a metallic pattern.

Transparent Holographic

Holo & Specials

Transparent holographic foils are made in a similar way to metallic holographic foils but the layer being replaced by an HRI (High Refractive Index) coating to enhance the holographic effect. Transparent holographic foils are similar to gloss transparent in appearance but they also have a holographic effect.


Holo & Specials

Security holograms are generally bespoke images combined with a registration mark for accurate foil placement. Additional features can be built into the hologram for greater security such as micro text and hidden imagery. It could also be produced as a repeated pattern across the width of the foil, therefore not requiring a registration device.

Brushed Foil

Holo & Specials

Brushed foils are created in a similar way to metallic foils. The effect is produced using a brushed polyester carrier to give a brushed metal appearance.

Patterned Foils

Holo & Specials

These foils are made with several different colours to create a pattern such as woodgrain, marble or multi-coloured effects.